Best nursing schools in the Philippines

The top 6 Best nursing schools in the Philippines.

So, join us on this informative expedition as we unveil the top 6 best nursing schools in the Philippines, empowering you to make an informed decision that paves the way for a fulfilling and impactful career in nursing. Nursing, a noble calling that embodies compassion, dedication, and service, demands a robust educational foundation.

The best nursing schools in the Philippines offer diverse strengths, from research-focused UP Manila to the globally recognized Cebu Doctors’ University. Choosing the right nursing school can be a pivotal decision, shaping your future trajectory in this esteemed profession.

To navigate this critical juncture, we embark on a voyage through the Philippines, exploring six esteemed institutions renowned for their exceptional nursing programs.

From the hallowed halls of the University of the Philippines Manila, a pioneer in healthcare education, to the research-intensive University of Santo Tomas, boasting a legacy of academic excellence, each school carves a unique path to professional success.

We delve into the vibrant campus of Silliman University, lauded for its comprehensive curriculum and global perspective, and traverse bustling Cebu to encounter the rigorous training grounds of Cebu Doctors’ University, renowned for its top-notch healthcare system.

Our journey then leads us to the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, a global leader in medical education, and finally culminates at the prestigious Far Eastern University, a vibrant hub for nurturing highly skilled professionals.

The best nursing schools in the Philippines.

Each institution, with its distinct strengths and specializations, presents a compelling proposition for aspiring nurses.

But beyond the academic credentials and accolades, a crucial question lingers: which school boasts the highest passing rate on the Nursing Board Exam? We uncover the answer, illuminating the institution that has consistently guided its students towards triumph in this rigorous test.

Prepare to be inspired by the dedication of these institutions, their commitment to excellence, and the countless success stories they have nurtured. The journey to becoming a compassionate and skilled nurse begins here.


Offers : Study Program ,Tuition Fees, Scholarships

Location: Manila, Philippines;

Medium of Instruction: English

The University of the Philippines, Manila, which is renowned for its health sciences education and research programs, is the first elite institution on our list.

The faculty at this institution is extremely skilled and knowledgeable, which contributes to the excellent level of education.

The Commission on Higher Education of the Philippines has granted the university accreditation.

Additionally, it provides a variety of scholarship programs to its students, including the highly lucrative Cesarea P. Tan Scholarship Grant.

Regarding the nursing programs offered by this institution, its Bachelor of Science in Nursing is well-liked.

The four-year program has a strong emphasis on practical nursing methods.

It covers a wide range of topics, including critical communication perspectives, the humanities, and the health sciences.

It equips students with excellent technical skills for profitable careers in nursing.


Offers : Bachelor’s Program, Master’s Program, Tuition Fees, Scholarships

Location: Manila, Philippines;

Medium of Instruction: English

In terms of enrollment, this university is among the largest Catholic institutions worldwide.

Furthermore, it holds Asia’s oldest university license. It is a sophisticated institute for intellectual achievement that was established in 1611.

It has significant cultural value and is one of the top 1,000 universities in the world.

Leading academics in the Philippines teach at this research-intensive university. There are many other bachelor’s and master’s course options.

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However, a bachelor’s degree in nursing is crucial for the nursing field. The emphasis of the four-year course is on all nursing topics.

Students can work as entry-level nurses in healthcare facilities after completing this course.


Offers: Bachelor’s Program

Location: Dumaguete, Philippines

Medium of Instruction: English

First established in 1901, Silliman University is credited as being the first American-founded Protestant university in Asia and the Philippines.

This private university is well regarded worldwide and provides a comprehensive educational experience.

It is regarded as the best private institution in the Philippines.

The faculty is made up of professionals from all over the world, which raises the bar for instruction here.

Along with many other degrees, the university offers a broad selection in nursing, theology, and marine biology.

Its demanding curriculum has garnered praise for its Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

It covers some topics connected to medicine, such as pharmacology, and another area of emphasis, like training for practical nursing.

Regarding their professional potential, this makes the graduates all-arounders.


Offers : Bachelor’s Program,Master’s Program

Location: Cebu, Philippines

Medium of Instruction: English

Doctor’s University of Cebu is renowned for having a top-notch healthcare system.

It has gained recognition for its nursing and associated medical programs since its establishment in 1973.

It’s a distinguished institution recognized by the UK’s QHA Trent Accreditation.

Among its highly regarded fields are business administration, science, nursing, IT, and the arts.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing, for example, offers a rewarding curriculum with an emphasis on medical and surgical nursing as well as geriatric nursing.

It offers prospective medical professionals a comprehensive education.

Because the degree from Cebu Doctors University is recognized all over the world, graduates of the institution can find fulfilling employment in a variety of hospitals and healthcare facilities.


Offers: Bachelor’s Program, Master’s Program

Location: Manila, Philippines 

Medium of Instruction: English

This university, one of the leading medical schools in the Philippines, is well-known across the world.

It is connected to other faculties and a tertiary hospital with state-of-the-art equipment.

This institute is distinguished by its exceptional medical education program and high caliber of treatment.

The UERMMMC College of Medicine has been named a Center of Excellence in Research by the Department of Science and Technology.

It has been accredited at Level IV by PAASCU, a testament to its superior academic standards.

 It provides a wide range of graduate and undergraduate courses.

Its Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is quite popular with students from outside. It offers a standard two-year curriculum that assists students in focusing their third-year attention on their chosen course.

This course covers topics such as maternity and child-rearing practices, as well as basic human functions.


Offers: Study Program

Location: Manila, Philippines; Medium of Instruction: English

Fast Eastern University has significantly raised its profile as a preeminent center for training highly qualified professionals since its founding in 1928.

It is noteworthy since it is the sixth-oldest university in the Philippines.

It provides international students with a wide range of programs, ranging from undergraduate to graduate to doctorate courses.

The university is well-known for its substantial grants and scholarships.

The Nicanor Reyes Science Scholarship Program (NRSSP) is one of them, providing stipends and fee waivers to students.

This 4-year program offers a community-oriented curriculum for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, with an emphasis on nursing disciplines and client care.

Industry experts teach its program, preparing students for all facets of nursing.


The university with the highest passing percentage (100%) on the nursing board test is the University of Santo Tomas (UST).

Due to the rigorous assessment procedures of the Nurses Licensure Exam, overseas students find it challenging to graduate for the first time.

On the other hand, the University of Santo Tomas’s instructional strategies and assessment framework are excellent.

Nearly all of the university’s students are talented enough to receive top grades every year, and the institution uses a 5-point numerical grading system.

Nursing degrees are difficult and involve a lot of study on topics linked to medicine and people.

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The curriculum of the institution has been designed to be in line with the skills of the students.

These universities’ alumni want to become highly valuable contributors in hospitals and the medical field.


In conclusion, six of the best nursing schools in the Philippines offer diverse strengths, from research-focused UP Manila to the globally recognized Cebu Doctors’ University.

Choose the school that best aligns with your academic goals, location preferences, and desired program focus. Remember, the highest board passing rate doesn’t guarantee the perfect fit for you!

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