Nurse Assistant Clinical

Nurse Assistant Clinical: Duties and Salary

The Nurse Assistant Clinical program lasts for two years. It aids in preparing students with the fundamental know-how, abilities, and attitudes required for entry into the medical field as working nurses.

The programme is perfect for those whose test results prevent them from enrolling in diploma or degree programmes.

Your duties as an assistant clinical nurse are straightforward and uncomplicated. To apply to any of the health training schools listed below, you must first fulfill the requirements listed below.

The clinical nursing assistant programme lasts for two years. It aids in preparing students with the fundamental know-how, abilities, and attitudes required for entry into the medical field as working nurses. The programme is perfect for those whose test results prevent them from enrolling in diploma or degree programmes.

Requirements for Auxiliary Programme ( Certificate in Assistant Clinicals)

AGE18-35 Years18-35 Years
OVERALL AGGREGATESA minimum cut-off score of 48 across six subjects three core and three electives is required.a minimum cumulative score of 30 in six disciplines, including three core subjects and three electives
CORE SUBJECTS AND MINIMUM GRADESAt least passes (A1 – E8) in three core, thus English, Science and MathsAt least passes (A-E) in three core subjects thus English, Science and Maths
ELECTIVE SUBJECTS AND MINIMUM GRADESAt least A1- E8 in three elective SubjectsAt least A – E in three elective Subjects

If you satisfy the aforementioned qualifications, you may proceed to apply by obtaining a voucher at any of the banks in your region that have been designated for health training, such as the Ghana Commercial Bank and the Agricultural Development Bank.

Visit the official health training website, log in using the serial number and password printed on the voucher card, correctly fill out all the required fields, and then submit your information. If you meet the requirements or if everything on your application form is accurate, you will be contacted for an interview.

Difference Between the Nurse Assistant Jobs

There are two positions for nurse assistants. Clinical and preventative assistance. Patients who are already ill are taken care of while in the hospital by the nurse clinicians.

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Jobs as a preventive nurse are community-focused. In order to help the population prevent illnesses, they must educate people about their health.

Differences Between Nurse Assistant Clinical and Nurse Assistant Preventive

Clinical and preventative nurse assistant programmes are two-year nursing programmes in Ghana. Their tasks, wages, and working environments all vary. To make an informed choice if you intend to apply for either of the two, you must be aware of what each position requires.

Students who complete the nurse assistant programme graduate with the fundamental information, abilities, and attitudes required to work in the medical field as registered nurses.

The programme is often perfect for students whose high school diploma grades prevent them from enrolling in nursing diploma and degree programmes. It’s a great place to start if you want to advance in your nursing career.

Individual health is the focus of the nursing assistant preventive course. It educates nurses how to persuade people to take advantage of preventive treatments like counseling and screening, and work on people who aren’t actually ill, hence the term “preventive.”

Their duties are comparable to those of community health nurses. The clinical role of a nursing assistant is focused on helping and guiding patients, though.

Under the supervision of licensed nurses and midwives, clinicians provide basic medical care for patients.

Duties of Nurse Assistant Clinicians

  • Nurse assistant clinicians’ responsibilities include 
  • They educate patients on how to maintain good health
  • They make the bed for patients
  • They perform cleaning and washing.
  • Clinicians accurately record the vital signs of their patients.
  • Additionally, they help patients with activities of daily living including eating and bathing.

Duties of the Nurse Assistant Preventive

  • health promotion instruction
  • Determine each person’s physical and emotional needs.
  • administer first aid
  • Gather and examine regular data on community health issues.
  • Execute home services to keep an eye on people’s responsiveness and health
  • Exercises for immunization, weighing, and health screening should be done.

Uniform Worn by The Assistant Clinical Nurse

Contrary to diploma nurses who also wear the green uniform but with a white collar, assistant clinical nurses wear the green but with a green collar.

They wear the same outfit to school, however the short sleeve’s short sleeve features their level. This indicates that if the nurse is in her second year of study, there are two little white bands on the sleeve, and if she is in her first year, there is only one tiny band.

In addition, the male students dress in khaki trousers and short white sleeves.

Salary Of Nurse Assistant Clinicians

The salaries received by doctors at the end of each month here in Ghana, after taxes and other deductions, are listed below;

Approximately GHS 1200 to GHS 1,500


This certificate programme is offered by all health training institutions. A job as a nurse clinician can be obtained in just two years. All you have to do is first fulfill the prerequisites. Start here if you wish to earn a degree or diploma in the future, and top up at any of the universities after a few years.

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