Universities in Texas for Nursing

Top Universities in Texas for Nursing & Requirements

The vast state of Texas offers a multitude of opportunities for aspiring nurses. Whether you’re a recent high school graduate or a seasoned professional seeking career advancement, Texas boasts a wealth of excellent universities renowned for their nursing programs. In this we provide you with list of Top universities in Texas for nursing

Top 10 universities in Texas for nursing (in no particular order):

  1. The University of Texas at Austin School of Nursing: Renowned for its research focus and exceptional faculty, UT Austin’s program offers a strong foundation for various nursing specialties.
  2. Texas Woman’s University: A pioneer in nursing education, TWU offers a comprehensive curriculum across various nursing degree tracks, from BSN to PhD.
  3. Baylor University Louise Herrington School of Nursing: Known for its Christian mission and commitment to ethical healthcare, Baylor provides a supportive environment for aspiring nurses.
  4. The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston School of Nursing: Located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center, this program offers unparalleled clinical experiences in a world-class healthcare setting.
  5. Texas A&M University: This flagship university boasts a well-respected nursing program known for its focus on innovation and technology integration in patient care.
  6. The University of Texas at Arlington College of Nursing: UTA’s program provides a strong foundation in evidence-based practice and leadership skills, preparing graduates for diverse nursing roles.
  7. Texas Christian University School of Nursing: TCU’s nursing program emphasizes service-learning opportunities and fosters a compassionate approach to patient care.
  8. The University of Texas at Tyler School of Nursing: UT Tyler’s program offers a unique blend of academic rigor and personalized attention in a student-centered environment.
  9. The University of Texas at El Paso School of Nursing: UTEP’s program caters to the needs of the El Paso community and prepares graduates to address healthcare disparities in the region.
  10. West Coast University – Texas: This private university provides a flexible learning environment with various nursing degree options, including accelerated programs for working adults.

What University in Texas Has the Best Nursing Program?

Determining the “best” nursing program depends on your specific needs and priorities. Consider factors like program focus, location, cost, and desired learning environment. Research each university’s curriculum, faculty expertise, and NCLEX-RN pass rates to find the program that best aligns with your goals.

What Nursing School Has the Highest Acceptance Rate in Texas?

Acceptance rates can vary depending on the program and the applicant pool. Public universities might have a higher number of applicants and a lower acceptance rate compared to some private institutions. Researching specific program acceptance rates is recommended.

What is the Cost of Nursing School in Texas?

Tuition costs for nursing programs in Texas can vary significantly depending on factors like the type of institution (public vs. private), program length, and residency status. Public universities generally offer lower tuition rates for in-state residents. Explore financial aid options, scholarships, and loan programs to help manage costs.

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Best Nursing School in Texas

The “best” nursing school is subjective and depends on your individual circumstances. However, the universities listed above consistently rank highly in terms of academic quality, student success, and overall program value.

What City in Texas Pays Nurses the Most?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, metropolitan areas like Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Austin tend to offer the highest salaries for nurses in Texas. Cost of living in these areas can also be higher, so it’s essential to consider the salary in relation to living expenses.


Texas offers exciting prospects for aspiring nurses, with a plethora of top-ranked universities catering to diverse learning styles and career goals. By carefully researching your options and considering your individual needs, you can find the perfect program to launch your rewarding nursing career in the Lone Star State.