Home Health Nurse in Advanced care

The Roles Of Home Health Nurse in Advanced care & Salary pay for home health nurses

This article explores the roles of a home health nurse, the importance of home health nursing and The Roles Of Home Health Nurse in Advanced care & Salary pay for home health nurses

As the population continues to age, the demand for advanced care and home-health nursing is increasing. Advanced care nursing focuses on managing complex medical conditions and providing care for patients with acute or chronic illnesses. Home health nursing, on the other hand, involves providing care to patients in their homes to enable them to recover and manage their conditions effectively. Home health care nurses (HHN) care for patients who are indisposed with chronic illnesses such as heart failure, end-stage renal failure, Parkinsons’ disease, and lots more, not excluding a variety of acute illnesses.

 Using the psychology of safety the patient feels when they are in a familiar environment such as the home, where difficult decisions can be made more comfortably.

The HHN is in a great position to encourage conversations on difficult medical problems. Consequently, it is crucial to learn the roles an HHN plays in applying Advanced care planning when managing patients receiving home care.

Roles of a home health nurse in advanced care

Home health nurses use advanced care planning to help patients and their families make decisions about their healthcare in advance. Advanced care planning involves discussing the patient’s goals, values, and preferences for their care and documenting these in an advance directive. An advance directive is a legal document that outlines the patient’s wishes for their care in the event that they become unable to make decisions for themselves.

Home health nurses play a crucial role in facilitating advanced care planning for their patients. They help patients and their families understand the benefits and importance of advanced care planning and provide information about the different options available for care. Home health nurses also help patients and their families make decisions about their care based on the patient’s preferences, values, and goals.

Roles of a home health nurse in advanced care

1. Ensure Patient Preferences are Respected: Advanced care planning helps ensure that the patient’s preferences for their care are respected. By discussing their goals and values, patients can make informed decisions about their care and treatment options. Advanced care planning ensures that these decisions are respected, even if the patient is unable to communicate their wishes in the future.

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2. Reduce Hospital Admissions: Advanced care planning can help reduce hospital admissions by ensuring that patients receive the care they need in their homes. Home health nurses can work with patients and their families to develop a care plan that meets their needs and preferences, which can prevent unnecessary hospital admissions.

3. Improve Care Coordination: Advanced care planning can improve care coordination by ensuring that all healthcare providers are aware of the patient’s wishes for their care. Home health nurses can help patients and their families communicate their wishes to all healthcare providers involved in their care, including physicians, therapists, and other caregivers.

4. Provide Emotional Support: Advanced care planning can be a difficult and emotional process for patients and their families. Home health nurses can provide emotional support during this process by listening to patients and their families, providing information and resources, and helping them make informed decisions about their care.

Importance of advanced care in home health nursing

The Advantages of Home Health Nursing and Advanced Care

Patients can benefit from advanced care and home health nursing in a number of ways, including:

  1. Improved Patient Outcomes: By offering early and effective treatments, advanced care and home health nursing can enhance patient outcomes. A patient’s condition may alter subtly over time, but advanced care and home health nurses are highly trained experts who can see these changes and offer prompt interventions to reduce complications and enhance patient outcomes.
  1. Personalized care that is targeted to the specific requirements of the patient is provided through advanced care and home health nursing, which increases patient satisfaction. As a result, patients may feel more invested in their care and have a better grasp of their disease and available treatment choices, which can increase patient satisfaction.
  2. Cost-Effective Care: Because they can minimize the number of hospital admissions and lengthen hospital stays, advanced care and home health nursing can be economical. Patients and the healthcare system may benefit from large cost reductions as a result of this.

 FAQs about Home Health Nurse in Advanced care

What is the role of the nurse in the home health care system?

A home health nurse’s main duties include keeping an eye on vital signs, conducting tests, tending to wounds and injuries, evaluating healing, and giving treatments. Depending on the circumstances, nurses also record dietary patterns, general mood, and behavioral and developmental changes.

Salary pay for home health nurses

The salary of home health nurses in Nigeria varies depending on several factors such as education, experience, location, and employer type. According to available data, the average salary of home health nurses in Nigeria is between 80,000 to 150,000  Naira per month. While Home health nurses can expect to earn a median annual salary of $75,330 in the US, this can vary depending on individual circumstances.

What are the function role and responsibilities of nurse?

Every community, no matter how big or small, has nurses who provide skilled care from birth to the end of life. In addition to providing direct patient care and case management, nurses can also create nursing practice standards, create quality assurance protocols, and oversee intricate nursing care systems.

What are the 4 fundamental responsibilities of nurses?

Since the mid-1800s, when organized nursing first emerged, nurses have continuously acknowledged four primary nursing duties: promoting health, preventing sickness, restoring health, and easing suffering.

What are the activities of advance care planning?

Talking about advance care planning entails consulting with loved ones and friends, particularly your Substitute Decision Maker, who will make decisions on your behalf in the event that you are unable to. It might also entail discussing your desires with medical, financial, and legal experts as well as putting your preferences in writing.

In conclusion

Nursing specialties like advanced care and home health care concentrate on delivering care to patients with complicated medical issues in various locations. The advantages that patients receive from these nursing specialties include better patient outcomes, increased patient satisfaction, and cost-effective care. Because they offer individualized care that can be given in a patient’s home or in a setting with specialized care.

In order to improve health outcomes and guarantee that patients receive the care they require to manage their diseases successfully, advanced care and home health nursing are essential.

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